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Resolution Fitness

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Resolution Fitness focuses on Cross-Training

March 2016
By David Zaslawsky   
Photography by Robert Fouts

When you walk inside Resolution Fitness on Madison Avenue in downtown Montgomery, you won’t find a lot of machines or a ton of free weights.

There is a reason. “We are a training facility,” Corey Ellis said. “We’re strictly a training facility.”

The facility is 9,000 square feet and there are some ropes/pulleys tucked away as well as a handful of Total Gyms. Instead, the four-member staff at Resolution Fitness use the client’s body weight in their exercise programs.

“Our style of training is cross-training,” said Ellis, who is co-owner along with his wife Donna Ellis. “Our programs transfer to any individual; any sport that you play. What our programs do for kids is, it keeps them in the realm of fitness – not so much specified to a sport.

“If you need an offseason fitness program, we have the complete package because we do strength, endurance and flexibility. Every sport needs that. The flexibility part is the most important. Most athletes will not do flexibility.”

The facility contains a basketball hoop, exercise balls, heavy-duty boxing bag, tires; a free weight area; and dressing rooms. There is a wide range of classes from boot camps to Zumba, yoga, extreme ab and cardio-kick. One of the classes called “20-20” is 20 minutes of strength training and 20 minutes of aerobics. There are corporate packages as well, but you won’t see any membership fees or contracts.

Boot camps are how the business began in its humble start at Blount Cultural Park about nine years ago and 18 months after Hurricane Katrina, when the Louisiana couple moved to Montgomery. “We were a mobile consulting company then,” Corey Ellis said about the time at Blount Cultural Park, when Resolution Fitness had no facility but the outdoors.

The current nighttime boot camp has about 40 people, Donna Ellis said, and another 20 participate in a boot camp for those weighing 200 or more pounds. That boot camp has “a lower impact and lower intensity” than the other boot camp, Corey Ellis said. “We just slow it down for the 200-plus and we speed it for the five-week challenge.”

The co-owners are both personal trainers as well as group instructors. All four employees are personal trainers. The company offers several options for working with a personal trainer, including 30-minute, 40-minute and one-hour sessions. A client can work with a personal trainer session-by-session or opt for a package deal of eight or 12 sessions.

It’s the experience of the personal trainers and their professionalism that sets Resolution Fitness apart from other fitness training centers, said Corey Ellis, who has 10 years as a personal trainer. Donna Ellis has 20 years of experience and the two others have a combined 10 years of experience.

In addition, Resolution Fitness has experience in the community. “You have to look at how we do what we do, and what we do is, we connect with the community,” Corey Ellis said. The staff knows that a lot of people here “are going to be out of shape, so they are not going to be able to do the high intensity,” he said.

Donna Ellis said the personal trainers are strict on performing the exercises and routines correctly so the participants won’t injure themselves. If someone is injured, the staff will modify the exercise so that person “does not feel left out of the group,” Donna Ellis said.

Resolution Fitness – through its cross-training program – does a lot of “rehabilitation-style exercising,” Corey Ellis said.

The business has surged since it moved to the Madison Avenue facility. “We were able to incorporate classes that would enhance the boot camps,” he said.

“When (people) go to the gym they know there’s a plethora of machines, but when you come to do something like this – you know coming in that you’re going to be out of your comfort zone. When they begin to stick with it – it shows growth in their mindsets.” 


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