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Information Transport Solutions Diversifies from Education Focus

May 2016
By David Zaslawsky   
Photography by Robert Fouts

Information Transport Solutions Inc. has been synonymous with the education sector and until fairly recently with Wetumpka, where its corporate headquarters is located.

The company is becoming more and more diversified, and although its ties to Wetumpka remain as strong as ever, ITS quietly moved equipment early last year to the RSA Dexter Avenue Building in downtown Montgomery. The equipment was housed at the RSA Datacenter as the company no longer had to store equipment at a datacenter in Atlanta.

“When this opportunity came to Alabama, it was the perfect place,” said Quincy P. Minor, president and chief operating officer of ITS. “We used to house equipment in Wetumpka, Alabama, which had no redundancy or things of that nature.” He said the RSA Datacenter provided both “redundancy and resiliency, so we could provide services to our customers so they would not have any down time.”

ITS has provided support for the Montgomery Internet Exchange infrastructure to enable carriers to attach to the exchange, but the company’s move to RSA Datacenter “had nothing to do with the Internet Exchange,” Minor said. It was all about being at the RSA Datacenter.

A third-floor office – network operations center – followed that about nine months later, and ITS has seven employees in its 2,200-square-foot space. The firm hopes to be fully staffed by the summer, and that would require seven or eight more employees.

There are plans to hire another 10 to 15 people for the Wetumpka office and Minor said that ITS is looking to open an office in the Florida Panhandle. It would open in Freeport, which is about one hour from Panama City, with initially two to three people. “We’re looking to start small and hopefully expand from there,” Minor said.

Getting back to the company becoming more diverse: For years, about 85 percent of the company’s revenue came from the K-12 sector. That percentage was reduced to 63 last year, with a goal of reducing it further in 2016 to be in the 50s, according to Minor.

What’s driving the reduction is a surge in other areas. “The public sector business is growing very rapidly,” ITS CEO Steve Meany said about city and county governments. “We’re providing both a bundled internet and network solution as well as providing their local area network devices in Florida.” He said the company’s commercial business is also seeing “a very healthy growth rate as well. It’s fair to say that both (public sector and commercial) are growing at a tremendous rate.”

ITS has focused on the manufacturing sector in Alabama, according to Meany, and won accounts with Airbus and Mercedes.

One of the key reasons why the firm is growing city and county government business is that it’s helping those entities reduce costs. Another factor is connectivity. Outside the state’s and Florida’s metropolitan areas, smaller and rural communities lack internet and fiber access. Meany said that “companies like us are able to go outside of the big traditional telecom companies and find ways to get them fiber access” through a third-party. Once the fiber is in place to schools, hospitals, industrial parks, retail and community centers, then ITS can provide its services. “It expands the rest of our solutions that are out there,” Meany said.

Those services could include handling a company’s information technology or connecting networks, and providing devices for video conferencing, Wi-Fi access and voice over internet protocol. “Whatever the customer needs,” Minor said. “We come up with solutions – sometimes out-of-the-box and sometimes customized solutions for all of our customers to resolve their technology problems.

“If they need staff augmentation we can provide that. If they just need over-the-phone remote assistance, we can provide that. Or if they need a full-time, on-site technician, we can supply them with a full-time, on-site technician.”

Information Transport Solutions Inc.

Number of employees
93; 7 in Montgomery and 51 in Wetumpka

Wetumpka, Montgomery and Mobile

Corporate headquarters


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