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Admiral Movers Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Summer 2014

By Melissa George Bowman  

Photography by Robert Fouts

On a pleasant April afternoon, Admiral Movers President and CEO
Scott McNelley addressed friends, family, staff and clients at the company’s 25th anniversary celebration.

Standing outside in a spot his team often meets to plan large moves, he reflected on how far the business has come and expressed gratitude for the people who have made its success possible.

“This (25th anniversary) is really about all of these folks (employees and family),” he said. “We send them out and I don’t even know where they go sometimes. They take care of us.”

The people at Admiral Movers are not just movers in the literal sense. For 25 years this company has committed to always moving forward in terms of growth, ideas, innovation and technology, with customer service being its highest priority.

Admiral Movers has come a long way since it began in 1989. Originally housed in a small cotton warehouse in downtown Montgomery, the company started with a single pick-up truck that had seen better days. The young business faced its first bout of adversity when that truck burned and McNelley says they became a “moving company without a truck.” However, they soon overcame this and other obstacles.

“If you’ve been in business and you haven’t been flat on your back or almost flat on your back, then you haven’t been in business very long,” he said. “It’s those lessons and that training that will lead to your long-term success.”

Perseverance eventually paid off. After some initial struggles, Admiral began benefitting from a reputation it was earning for quality and professionalism. While the business has always done a large share of household moves, from the beginning its focus has been office moves and those are what set it apart.

“We basically invented office moving the way it’s done in Central Alabama,” McNelley said.

According to McNelley, there is a “wide chasm” between the way office movers and household movers must approach a job. For instance, there cannot be much down time for a business because profits are lost every day it is not operational. This is the kind of challenge Admiral loves to meet head on. Over the years, its employees, who McNelley says are “all really good problem solvers,” have invented systems and equipment that offer clients time and money-saving solutions. One example is a “boxless” moving system the company created. It saves businesses time because they do not have to pack and unpack. Admiral transports everything on a special set of rolling shelves that allow files to stay in order and be instantly accessible when they arrive at their new destination.

This kind of ingenuity is one reason Admiral has experienced such growth in its 25 years. Eventually the company outgrew the little cotton warehouse and in 2004 moved to a 23,000-square-foot facility on Newell Parkway – and they have kept growing. Last fall the company added 18,000 square feet of warehouse space. Today, Admiral not only serves customers in the River Region and throughout Alabama, its list of clients also extends to Georgia, Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana. Additionally, the company has shipped to every state and nearly every continent.

Physical growth is not the only way the company has expanded. It has increased the types of services it provides as well. As an experienced office mover, it was a natural progression for Admiral to go into the business of records management, and so in 2006 Admiral Records Management was born. The company specializes in helping offices and individuals move, store, access and secure their protected information in the most efficient and economical way possible.

“Everybody has protected information,” McNelley said. “We offer a lot of people a firewall between their physical operation and their information assets.”

Among Admiral Records Management’s clients are businesses wanting to go paperless in the digital age; those who want the added protection of storing important documents offsite; and those who want to free up office space by relocating years’ worth of boxes.

“Storing boxes in your office no longer makes that much economic sense,” McNelley said. “We can store for pennies and nickels what they’re storing in their class A space.”

The service and solutions Admiral Movers and Admiral Records Management have provided have earned them numerous awards. One of which McNelley is most proud is the 2013 River Region Ethics in Business Award.

“The fact that people think of us as ethical means a lot because it says a lot about our people,” he said.

Looking ahead, McNelley says the company will keep delving into the latest technology and “continue to look for a better mousetrap on the moving side and the records side.” With more global industries establishing roots in Alabama he also sees international business on the horizon. In fact, last year Admiral shipped 400,000 pounds of cotton manufacturing equipment to India. Whether across the globe or right here in the River Region, Admiral’s clients have one thing in common: they are doing business with a company that cares.

“We try every day to win over the customer and (have) them think of us as something more than just a company that comes out and moves them,” McNelley said.


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