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Berney Office Solutions Increases Revenue, Work Force

March 2014

By Jennifer Kornegay   

Photography by Robert Fouts

Ask anyone what’s going on over at Berney Office Solutions, and they’ll answer, “Growth.” Headquartered in Montgomery, the company that was founded with one location in the Capital City more than 50 years ago now boasts seven branches, six in Alabama and one in Pensacola.

Berney Office Solutions President Brad Enns summed it up this way: “We are growing and will continue to do so, continue to grow in people and in revenues,” he said. “We have actually grown during and since the recession and now have a recruiter helping us hire new people. I don’t see his job ending any time soon.”

Berney provides its clients with a wide range of office solutions, including the hardware and software needed as well as expert consulting and advice. “We are a part of the Global Imaging Systems Family, a Xerox Co., so the main brand we represent is Xerox, and that includes everything from printers that fit in your lap to ones that fill a room,” Enns said, “as well as Xerox’s complete suite of software solutions.”

Berney also offers managed print services, which mean they help clients manage and maintain their fleet of printers, including providing supplies and repairs, regardless of the brand. “We saved one of our largest customers 23 percent by managing their print feet,” said David Washington, vice president of sales for Berney.

The Berney 360 program, as its name implies, covers the entire spectrum of solutions the company specializes in, measuring the seven core business areas required for its clients to achieve optimization. “It begins with an assessment that shows them their technology fleet and what they have, what they need, how their current process is working and recommendations for improvement to increase efficiency and decrease expenses,” Washington said. “It really is a cost-cutting solution for our clients.”

And those clients are diverse. “We serve clients in almost all sectors: health care, including some of the large medical facilities in the state, all but one of the auto manufacturers in the state, universities, the two largest law firms in the state and K-12 institutions,” Enns said.

At 16,000 customers strong, Berney is the largest company of its kind in the state, and it keeps getting bigger. Enns offered his thoughts on why. “We are still a local company, yet we have the backing and resources of a large company, Xerox, which is the leader in the technology of our industry,” he said. “Our billing is local, supplies are local, our help desk and technicians are here. That is what makes us different.”

Enns, Washington and Berney’s Chief Financial Officer Ben Blankenship all attribute the company’s success and growth to stellar customer service. “We do what is right and do it quickly,” Enns said. “We have same-day service, and being local helps us do that – helps us stand out,” Washington said. “And we save our customers money; they need to do more with less, and we help them do that,” Blankenship added.

Washington stressed that their customer service wouldn’t be what it is without good people. “Our solutions guys, the IT professionals, and our sale reps are great,” he said. “We are not just selling equipment; we are selling software and a document management solution. We show them how much they can do with the equipment and how that can benefit the efficiency of their operation. The key is aligning with clients’ goals and needs. Our people do that.”

Enns also praised Berney’s employees. “I find it incredible how many dedicated people we have, and I so enjoy leading our people who are committed to our customer base and to making our company great. We stay on the cutting edge of the technology we sell and service thanks to our IT guys, who are always on top of things,” he said. “We are always looking for the best people and best talent and have a leadership development program that will help ensure our future.”

Retaining customers and gaining new ones has led the company to run out of space in several areas and resulted in some recent and coming expansions. “We’re moving into a new facility in Huntsville in May and just expanded last December in Birmingham where we almost doubled our space,” Enns said. “The Pensacola office has outgrown its facility, too, and is moving to a new one in March.”

Enns outlined a new avenue the company is using to give back, a technology makeover program for a chosen charity. After a nomination process and community voting, Berney will give that charity $15,000 worth of consulting and technology equipment and services.

“We will do this in two branches, and we’re not sure which ones yet,” he said. “We may do a statewide one as well. It will be very exciting, and we’re happy to do it, to help people and groups who do so much to help others.”

No doubt as Berney Office Solutions grows, so too will its positive impact on the communities and clients it serves. “We will continue to expand next year,” Enns said. “We keep on growing, and in 2014, we plan to move into other markets in Alabama and in the Southeast.”


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