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Ingram and McConnell were both on the national stage last year

MBJ Forrest McConnell and Ray Ingram

Forrest McConnell
McConnell Honda/Acura

Driving the Economy: Impact of Automotive Dealers is Taken for Granted

Veteran automotive dealer Forrest McConnell III feels that his fellow dealers are a misunderstood group and perhaps an underappreciated group as well. more

Ray Ingram
Jack Ingram Motors, Inc.

Service-Driven Business: Community Service is Paramount at Jack Ingram

The array of shiny new cars on display in one of Jack Ingram Motors many showrooms is certainly eye-catching, but something even more impressive can be found upstairs in the hallway just outside company president Ray Ingram’s office: the portraits of his parents Jack and Lucille Ingram who started this family business more than 50 years ago. more


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